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  • Sit-stand desk product video
    Sit-stand desk product videoMay 2019

    The Ergo Sit-Stand desk from Spire is part of the complete ergonomic solution of your office or home desk setup. This new table enables you to alternate between postures more frequently throughout the day and to be more aware of your behaviour during the tasks that you partake on the computer. Spire believes in the physical and mental fitness of desk workers. The Spire Sit-Stand desk is default equipped with dual motor that is powerful and of high quality. Powered by innovation and backed by 2 years warranty.

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  • PowerCube 1418 case review by Technuovo
    PowerCube 1418 case review by TechnuovoOctober 2018

    For those more interested in the aesthetics of this case will not be disappointed. Understated, yet distinct is how I would describe the Spire Powercube 1418. So what’s its secret? The motherboard lays flat, rather than vertical. And that’s it. As it takes Micro ATX motherboards, the wider stance is more than compensated for by the vertical space saving. The Mini ITX also fits.

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  • Spire ergonomics desk setup
    Spire ergonomics desk setupSeptember 2017

    Presentation video of Spire ergonomic computer peripherals and total desk setup solution

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  • POWERCUBE 715 review by PC Adsensi
    POWERCUBE 715 review by PC AdsensiMay 2017

    The PowerCube 715 by Spire is a small micro atx cube chassis with acrylic side panels. The PowerCube offers a great mix of nice design at low cost. The small dimensions are great for travel, like to a lan event, but not too much room for a clean assembly.

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  • PowerCube 715 micro ATX Chassis Review
    PowerCube 715 micro ATX Chassis ReviewJanuary 2017

    Spire PowerCube 715 is one of many cube type chassis but it has couple of features that makes it interesting. It’s small and light so is good if you wish to move your PC more often. It also looks great and the effect is much better with lighting inside. Since it comes with blue LED fan then lighting is covered and the fan is also quiet.

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  • CoolGate 2.0 Review by Gamezoom.net
    CoolGate 2.0 Review by Gamezoom.netNovember 2015

    The Spire Coolgate 2.0 gets a 9 out of 10 score and a best buy award from Gamezoom. Their opinion about the Spire Coolgate 2.0 is: 'A high-class tower cooler for a fair price'.

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  • Coolgate 2.0 Gold award by freeocen
    Coolgate 2.0 Gold award by freeocenOctober 2015

    The compatibility is excellent and doesn't leave you down, if you are looking for royalty free cooler to the components! Also high Ram isn't the problem here, and shows a positive effect.

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  • PowerCube 710 reviewed by Deathcaverna
    PowerCube 710 reviewed by DeathcavernaJuly 2015

    PowerCube 710 is a product well done, and very compact. The clean, elegant design makes it very nice and the build quality is good. Excellent choice to be able to remove the standard adapter, which makes assembly much easier and the ability to mount VGA lengths up to 250mm that can make the small PowerCube 710 for a mini Gaming PC. Finally, the price of around €45 on the retail market makes it a product with good value for money.

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  • CoolGate 2.0 tested by Whatnext
    CoolGate 2.0 tested by WhatnextApril 2015

    The CoolGate 2.0 is build out of high quality componentent and materials. The CoolGate is supplied with a really quiet fan with Nano Tech bearing and is especially silent at low RPM. If you are looking for thin, silent CPU cooler the Coolgate by Spire will be very good choice.

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  • Spire PowerCube 710 awarded by PC Koloji
    Spire PowerCube 710 awarded by PC KolojiMarch 2015

    Spire PowerCube 710 is a stylish appearance and despite the small size it will support powerful hardware. Although it does not support optical drives there is enough space for your HDD and SSD drives. Compatible with ITX or micro ATX motherboards which can assemble for fast processors, plenty of memory and high-end graphics card and these components are all powered by a standard ATX power supply unit.

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  • Spire PowerCube 502 Review by Techicize.com
    Spire PowerCube 502 Review by Techicize.comJanuary 2015

    The PowerCube 502 is an interesting take on a Mini-ITX Case. I’m always keen to see any product that breaks the mould of what we’re used to seeing.

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  • PowerCube 502 awarded with silver by Tweak.DK
    PowerCube 502 awarded with silver by Tweak.DKNovember 2014

    This case has left me rather satisfied regarding the installation of hardware. The system has subsequently been running rather noiseless, so I will recommend this case if you want to build yourself a mini PC or even a HTPC. The overall quality of buttons and case is rather well considering the fact that this is not a high end case.

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  • SFF PowerCube 502 takes Hispazone award
    SFF PowerCube 502 takes Hispazone awardNovember 2014

    The PowerCube 502 concept is an interesting product because it allows us to create our compact machine in a very economical way of pulling the full range of platforms, blocks and processors can be found in Mini-ITX form factor

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  • ergonomic mouse ARCHER I awarded by Razorman.net
    ergonomic mouse ARCHER I awarded by Razorman.netNovember 2014

    The ergonomics are very well implemented, as is intended by the manufacturer, is a comfortable mouse that does not cause fatigue by the use. The relaxed position of the elbow-wrist-hand all together really works in this design by Spire. Speaking of ergonomics, the position of all the buttons are natural and not create strange gestures by clicking different mouse buttons.

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  • PureOC.com | X2-9862N1-PWM
    PureOC.com | X2-9862N1-PWMMay 2014

    When I first received the X2 Eclipse IV, it had me thinking I may want to send this to someone else, because I doubted its capabilities of handling a power hungry CPU such as the FX-9370. I would have never considered overclocking a chip that much with only an air cooler, but it really surprised me. Everything it did suggests it can handle it. While the Eclipse isn’t the biggest air cooler in the lineup today, I would say it performed exceptionally well, especially against the more beefy coolers while overclocking.

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  • The LAB.gr | SP-M4001-USB
    The LAB.gr | SP-M4001-USBApril 2014

    In any case, it is highly recommended that you give it a try, if you find it available for testing at a retailer. Priced at 20 euros (VAT incl.) it can be your daily companion and help reduces the strain from the long hours in front of a computer.

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  • 59Hardware.net | Gemini Rev 2
    59Hardware.net | Gemini Rev 2December 2013

    Although the two products being compared here have many similarities, the Spire Gemini Rev. 2 pulls out of the game, although it is behind a few degrees relative to Raijintek Ereboss, it is nice to our ears.

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  • Bliss 9 Pro+ | BCCHardware.com
    Bliss 9 Pro+ | BCCHardware.comDecember 2013

    So we're down to the wire where everyone is wondering if all these extra features that are on the tablet are worth it. When shopping for a tablet, you're counting your nickels, hoping for a great deal somewhere and usually trying to catch a sale. Also you want a tablet that works for you. This tablet would probably sell here in North America for $150 and at that price you're wondering why it is so.....

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  • Cassi 323 | Razorman.net
    Cassi 323 | Razorman.netNovember 2013

    In short, we find the Cassi 323 to be a product with impeccable quality, nice design, that performs efficiently and priced a little over 20 euros.

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  • Odyssey 342 | Gamesnack.be
    Odyssey 342 | Gamesnack.beNovember 2013

    The Odyssey 342 is very quiet and a good choice for anyone wanting to prolong their notebooks lifespan. Rated 76% overall. 

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  • Cassi 323 | BCCHardware.com
    Cassi 323 | BCCHardware.comNovember 2013

    ...With all that in mind, the CASSI 323 is a decent choice as it has pretty basic features, a nice style that blends in with pretty much any decor and is affordably priced.

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  • Gemini Rev. 3 | ElChapuzasInformatico.com
    Gemini Rev. 3 | ElChapuzasInformatico.comNovember 2013

    The Spire Gemini Rev. 3 provides the expected performance for its heat sink dimensions and features, capable of supporting a 24-hour moderate overclock . Its height of 155 mm is a great pluspoint and allows installation in most towers,...

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  • Power Bank 4000 | PCTechReview.com.pl
    Power Bank 4000 | PCTechReview.com.plOctober 2013

    Today we reviewed the Spire Power Bank 4000, this portable charger works great. The product is well made and the size and weight are very compact, making Spire Power Bank 4000 a very nice product to have.

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  • Gemini Rev. 3 | Geforceitalia.it
    Gemini Rev. 3 | Geforceitalia.itOctober 2013

    The Spire Gemini 3 is without doubt a great air CPU Cooler, easy to install and of great build quality. Compatible with all current socket types and 5 year warranty, at this price it's a great product. 

    Award website
  • Epoxi Rev.2 |  The Overclock Hole
    Epoxi Rev.2 | The Overclock HoleSeptember 2013

    After careful analysis we are ready for the final judgment. First of all the case in question has a price that is about 100/110 €. There are very few manufacturers that offer a case with so much potential at a price so content. After a carefull comparison with similar solutions and / or at the same price range we rate the Spire Epoxi at 8.6/10 , together with TOH Silver Award and Best Price TOH.

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  • Gemini Rev. 3 | 3DGameMan.com
    Gemini Rev. 3 | 3DGameMan.comSeptember 2013

    The Spire Gemini Rev.3 CPU Air Cooler is impressive with 52 aluminum fins, six 6mm heatpipes, direct touch heat-pipe base & two 120mm fans with included speed controller. Also, the heatsink itself looks great with black-nickel coating. As well, the fit and finish is good and comes with a 5 year warranty. It's an all around excellent CPU Air cooler.

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  • Gemini Rev. 3 | Hotcases.de
    Gemini Rev. 3 | Hotcases.deSeptember 2013

    The Gemini CPU Cooler is a good product from Spire. The temperatures are in order, the soundlevel with PWM control or with 5 volts are also very good. The product finish is second to none and they truly tough of everything. To sum up this is a carefree package. Therefore we give it our Gold Award.

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  • Swirl III | 3DGameMan.com
    Swirl III | 3DGameMan.comSeptember 2013

    The Spire Swirl III CPU Air Cooler stands out and is nickel plated. It has 45 aluminum fins, 3 heatpipes, smooth base, 60mm LED fan & fits current Intel and AMD sockets. While this cooler isn't big on performance, it does much better than the stock cooler at default speeds.

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  • Power Bank 4400 | Cooling Technique
    Power Bank 4400 | Cooling TechniqueSeptember 2013

    Having considered the findings of this review, if you are always around people and full of electronic gadgets thirsty for power, it's really worth spending these € 40.00, so you're not always looking for a way to charge your precious phone. 

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  • Power Bank 4400 | ReliablePCReviews.com
    Power Bank 4400 | ReliablePCReviews.comJune 2013

    The Spire Power Bank provides robust power options for those of us who are on the go constantly and need to maintain the ability to keep our electronics charged up. 

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  • Noa 1100 | SkratchWizPC.net
    Noa 1100 | SkratchWizPC.netJune 2013

    To sum up the Spire Noa 1100 it’s a very versatile peripheral that offers great functionality across many mobile devices. I can see the Noa 1100 being used more...

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  • Power Bank 4000 | Tech-Review.de
    Power Bank 4000 | Tech-Review.deMay 2013

    "With the Power Bank 4000, Spire provides a great solution for smartphone owners and the owners of other devices who like to go for long hiking trips or who simply love to make long phone calls"

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  • Air Force 120 LED |  Chip.ro
    Air Force 120 LED | Chip.roMay 2013

    The Spire AIR Force fans are a great addition to every case or cpu cooler. the anti-vibe corners eliminate all vibrations and with the PWM function the fans can variate from extremely quiet to high performing. The best of both worlds

    Award website
  • Power Bank 4000 | Legit Reviews
    Power Bank 4000 | Legit ReviewsMay 2013

    "The Spire Power Bank 4000 is a nice and slim battery pack, which can double your phone’s battery life or get you some more game time on your PSP"

    Award website
  • Air Force 120 LED | Geforceitalia.it
    Air Force 120 LED | Geforceitalia.itApril 2013

    Excellent build quality, modular cable and silicone rubber mounting to avoid vibration The fan rotor is removable, works at low noise level and comes with 5 year warranty. Looking for a good product at the right price, this is it! Our Gold Award is well deserved!

    Award website
  • Diablo | Dreamware Computers
    Diablo | Dreamware ComputersApril 2013

    We are very impressed by the new Spire Diablo pc case. I can say only good words about it. It is great value for money in the range for smaller in size PC case with outstanding design. Spire will become a market leader and will be there for quite some time.

    Award website
  • Versis | 59Hardware
    Versis | 59HardwareMarch 2013

    The Spire versis Chassis is suprisingly quiet compared to it's cooling performace. when we link this to the very attractive price and the possibility to add even more cooling solutions (fan on top of the case) we would reccomend it for a budget gaming system.

    Award website
  • TME III | Rehwolution
    TME III | RehwolutionMarch 2013

    In our opinion, Spire did an excellent job improving his TherMax series, reaching the lowest noise levels together with great performance with the TME III. Design is unique and building quality is over the top. For these reasons, we give out 7 stars on 10 to the TME III

    Award website
  • TME III | Games.lt
    TME III | Games.ltMarch 2013

    The cooler really looks great and with a LGA2011 system perhaps maybe there is a even better performance. The 2 included fans are of medium noise. Installation of the fan mounting system could be more comfortable. The main thing offered by TME III is the impressive appearance and fantastic performance.

    Award website
  • Power Bank 4400 | CazuaLLuk
    Power Bank 4400 | CazuaLLukFebruary 2013

    Great product unboxing video-review by CazuaLLuk

    Award website
  • CoolGate 2012 | HWmaster
    CoolGate 2012 | HWmasterFebruary 2013

    The Spire coolgate 2012 is a great CPU cooler when we measure the cooling performance in ratio to the noise level. all used materials are premium quality and high end build, from the coating of the tower to the Nano bearing 120mm anti-vibe AirForce fan.

    Award website
  • TME III | Insidehardware.it
    TME III | Insidehardware.itFebruary 2013

    Again a great perfoming cooler from Spire, this cooler is ideal for the 2011 intel socket users because of it's huge contact base with the processor. the PWM controlled Nano bearing fans go from whisper quiet to great cooling performers

    Award website
  • Power Bank 4400 | Chip.ro
    Power Bank 4400 | Chip.roJanuary 2013

    The Spire Power Bank 4400mAh, part number: SP-PB-4400-EU is ideal for charging mobile devices during travels where you are in need of a power source to recharge your smart phone, tablet, GPS or other mobile device. We award the Spire Power Bank 4400 with 4 out of 5 golden starts

    Award website
  • Air Force 120 LED | ProClockers
    Air Force 120 LED | ProClockersJanuary 2013

    The first thing that I am going to say about the Air Force 120 fans from Spire is. I Love ‘em. The look of the fans is great with the innovative anti-vibration pads. The performance of the Air Force is the Noctua NF-A14. To top it off, Spire is at least as good as that.

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  • TME III | eTeknix.com
    TME III | eTeknix.comNovember 2012

    This is the first time we have looked at something from Spire and I am really impressed. Spire have produced a down-to-earth product that delivers value for money, performance, silence and clean aesthetics. If I was to equate this to a plate of food, its like getting served up a plate of home made roast dinner, you know its simple and honest – not complex, pretentious and overpriced like a plate of Michelin star food.

    Award website
  • Epoxi rev 2 | PC-Overware.be
    Epoxi rev 2 | PC-Overware.beNovember 2012

    To conclude the Spire Epoxy rev 2 offers gamers a great case for overclocking and modding, featuring great airflow, cable management and sufficient space.

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