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  • Ergonomics | Desk-Top Armrest
  • Ergonomics | Desk-Top Armrest
  • Ergonomics | Desk-Top Armrest
  • Ergonomics | Desk-Top Armrest
  • Ergonomics | Desk-Top Armrest
  • Ergonomics | Desk-Top Armrest

Desk-Top Armrest / CG-OX-614209

Desk-Top Armrest

The Desk-Top Armrest discloses is a ergonomic arm and wrist support that enables you to sit closer to your desktop which makes reach for keyboard and mouse easier. Furthermore the Desk-Top Armrest aids optimal support to your arms and wrists while sitting and typing behind your desk. Providing a better sitting position, at the right viewing and typing distance to your monitor and keyboard which improves your posture and relaxes your shoulders, arms and wrists. We recommend the Desk-Top Armrest when your chair does not have armrests. Additionaly you will create more desk space and placement of the Desk-Top Armrest is quick and universal, therefore can virtually be mounted to any desk.

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Short specifications

  • Part of a Ergonomic desk and work station
  • Relaxes shoulders, arms and wrists
  • Armrest keeps distance between user and desk
  • Stimulates a vertical position of the hands
  • Armrest supports forearms to form a prefect 90º against upper hands which totally relax our shoulders and neck when using computer
  • Effectively reduces soreness at should muscle and cervical vertebrae
  • Quality memory foam in Lycra fabric provides comfortable support all time long
  • Suitable for office employees,designers, cycber gamers, I.T. professionals, study group and other heavy computer users.
  • Application desktop thickness: 0.5 - 4cm
  • Arm rest loading: 50KG
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty

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Desk-Top Armrest


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