Introduction of the ARCHER 12 vertical ergonomic PC mouse

Maarheeze, The Netherlands, 19-10-2017. This new vertical ergonomic wireless mouse allows your right hand, arm and shoulder to be placed in a more human natural position. The vertical design provides… Read more


  • Spire Corp | Spire ergonomics desk setup

    Spire ergonomics desk setup

    Presentation video of Spire ergonomic computer peripherals and total desk setup solution

  • Spire Corp | POWERCUBE 715 review by PC Adsensi

    POWERCUBE 715 review by PC Adsensi

    The PowerCube 715 by Spire is a small micro atx cube chassis with acrylic side panels. The PowerCube offers a great mix of nice design at low cost. The small dimensions are great for travel, l…