Introduction of the new Archer 8 and 9 vertical ergonomic mice

Maarheeze, The Netherlands, 03-10-2016. The Archer series by Spire are vertical ergonomic mice that allow your hand, arm and shoulder to be placed in a more human likely position. The vertical design… Read more


  • Spire Corp | CoolGate 2.0 Review by

    CoolGate 2.0 Review by

    The Spire Coolgate 2.0 gets a 9 out of 10 score and a best buy award from Gamezoom. Their opinion about the Spire Coolgate 2.0 is: 'A high-class tower cooler for a fair price'.

  • Spire Corp | Coolgate 2.0 Gold award by freeocen

    Coolgate 2.0 Gold award by freeocen

    The compatibility is excellent and doesn't leave you down, if you are looking for royalty free cooler to the components! Also high Ram isn't the problem here, and shows a positive effect.